unfortunatly my scanner wouldnt allow me to change the dpi, and only allowed one type of possible scan (clearly i need a new scanner!) this is what i was able to do:

1) place fabric/ dds sketch into the scanner
2) close the lid and select colour mode and location to be scanned to
3) the image would appear on the screen and the only options available to change was its file type, eg. jpeg.

wrong layered pictures

Layers are important and an essential tool for graphic design as it allows the designer to place different images onto the same canvas with the opportunity to changes modes of transperancy, colour and filter. Different layers also allow one image to be easily organised and quickly changed as naming different layers saves time and stress for the designer as they are able to quickly find what area or aspect needs to be altered. Layers can also help add depth and dimension to an image, therefore creating a more interesting, realistic and unique piece.

Photoshop trial one

Blog 2. Sea of Shoes

Sea of Shoes captured my attention as liked the stark contrast of the black and white header and writing against the the colour exploding pictures found on her space. I find it creative how she incorporates two of her greatest loves, shoes and the sea. This inspires me to find links between my passions and for then to creativly express who i am through my blog. I found her blog to be easy to read and follow as she clearly displays a photograph and then a description or personal comment. Sea of Shoes covers personal clothing choices, street fashion and runway fashion. Her photos are of high quality and add a sense of professionalism and sophisticaion.

Visit Jane Aldridge at

Blog 1. Jak&Jil Blog

Tommy Ton is the photographer of JAK & JIL Blog documents fashion both on and off the runway, he explores street style, behind the scenes and 'model moments' through his high resolution photography. The first aspect of the blog that i found which captured my attention was the clean, simple and neat layout which created a sophisticated, yet user friendly feel which was predominantly conveyed through the large eye-capturing high resolution images. The photographs each display vibrant, interesting colours and hues which invite the reader to be apart of the image, to allow us to immerse ourselves in the individuality and uniqueness of each fashion piece and its location.

Personally I like how the photographs are extremely colourful and dramatic, displaying a "costumesque" feel, which i love, as it creates a heighted element of uniqueness and bravery in terms of owning and wearing a specific fashion look.

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