i then created a bow on photoshop using scanned in fabric and then used the illustrator brush to create hand rendered sketchy effect. This is the final illustration, now to work on the poster!!

i added pleated newspaper which i scanned in as glove ruffles, and finished rendering the body. for the hair i cut and pasted rope into the shape i wanted and scanned it into the computer and placed it over her head shape. i also went over all of the body lines is the thin chalk brush to create the hand rendered effect,

i then created a mixed colour watercolour and ink brush printed area and imported it into illustrator to create a clipping mask for the gloves. i also rendered the face using watercolour brushes, then also used a think chalk brush in illustrator to draw the facial features. i also used watercolour brushes for the lips and cheeks

to create the skirt i cut up and scanned in a cupcake patty pan and used a small lace trim at the waistband. i also layered between pleated baking paper to create a more layered effect and the illusion of sheer fabric. i lengethed each of the layers by cloning the pattern in photoshop and stretch them out.

to create the bodice i scanned in a section of pink beads. i then cloned and manipulated them in photoshop to create a square sheet of beads and imported them into illustrator. i then made a clipping mask. in order to make the bodice look more realistic i scanned in the single bead and edited it and gave it a drop shadow. i then imported it into illustrator and layered it over the lines and clipping mask to create a 3d effect


i started off with creating basic shapes for the torso and upper body. the rest was going to be covered by the skirt i will make so it didnt matter. i then imported brushed from photoshop to again create a hand rendered effect on the illustration

final poster FOR THE BETTER

FINAL POSTER!! i really like how this turned out, much better then the first one. i think the travel theme and the models aspiration to travel ties in well with her look, the case she is sitting on and the postcard in the background. i love the colour scheme, i kept it neutral just as outlined in alanna's descriptions

the next step was to create the poster. to fit in with the theme of "travel wishes"i decided to use a postcard in the background. i thought this would be a great background to place my information on.

i started with the title again using a hand written font, then proceeded to use a simple readable font for the main points. i thought it was a good idea to put the address(location of the event) on the right hand side of the card as this is where you always write the address when sending a postcard. i then layered other pieces of torn paper in the background and spilt ink again to create a crafty feel.

i then rendered the face with watercolour brushes imported from photoshop, i used soft pink brushes to create the blush and lip stick. i used a thin chalk illustrator brush to create the facial lines and and emphasise the eyelashes.

i used doilies i had found on the internet and then manipulated in photoshop. i deleted all of the background and created the desired doily pattern. i then layered them up and into illustrator around the edge of the bodice,to create an elegant neckline
i then scanned and manipulated a pearl bead and layered them around the neckline. this was time consuming as my "pattern brush" tool was not working!!

scanned in images of newspaper and photos

using scanned in newspaper than i had pleated i created a number of layers trying to create a couture garment fitted around the bodice. i found that in some areas the dress was looking to flat so i had to take a photo of the newspaper from different angles then edited them on the computer and placed them in illustrator to give the dress movement.

i then rendered the body with watercolour brushes, using darker shades in the "bones" around the chest, and under the arms where there would be shadow

the tights are clipping masks of scanned in textured fabric


i started by creating simple block shapes of my illustration.i left the dress area blank as i knew i wanted to create a textured collage dress with pieces i scanned in. to create the basic bodice i scanned in newspaper into illustrator and made a clipping mask. i did a similar process to this for the gloves, however i created ink spilled effect on photoshop using watercolour brushes then placed that image into illustrator then made a clipping mask.

the outline given to us about the themes stated that for the better was about "travelling" and wanting to be somewhere else. so i decided to create a "travel trunk/suitcase" for the girl to be sitting on. i also wanted her to be kind of collapsed on the box as if to see she was "wishing" to go overseas or somewhere new, or to just appear relaxed, compared to the puppet who's strings had been pulled"


this is my final poster. i wanted to create a fun "childlike" illustration for the "for fun" theme. i decided to go with a puppet because it added dimension and interest and also still allowed for the human body to illustrate fashion clearly. i am quite happy with this result, i worry that perhaps there is too much white on the left of the poster however i do think it is a nice contrast against the newspaper


This is the process:
i started with the illustration and shifted her to the left of the poster. i then scanned in newspaper collage and made a clipping mask of the shape that was left of the illustration (on the right hand side of the poster)
i wanted to create a ripped collage like effect as this emulates my drawings but is also "fun" and creates a crafty and homemade feel. i then added the title in a hand written font and placed it in top of ripped paper and newspaper. the main text was written in a clear font so all the details were easy to read and the were placed on ripped pieces of paper.i also used a water colour brush to make it look like ink had spilt but also to re-bring in the blue colour found in the illustrations clothing. i also added the strings on the top layer. i added sticky tape on the largest piece of paper to again create the crafty look.


the face for the illustration was the hardest part. i found it easier working on illustrator rather then photoshop to draw the lines of the face. i used a think chalk brush in illustrator and created simple lines for the eyes, lips and nose. i then "Placed" watercolour brushes from photo shop to render the rose cheeks, soft lips and render the skin on the face. to do the hair i used string and glued it down to paper in the hair style i wanted. i then scanned it into the computer and manipulated it to fit the head of the illustration.

for the glove i used art paper and some lace trim, cut it into the shape i wanted and scanned it in. i then manipulated the shape of the hand in photoshop to create the right measurements

Th bodice- was created by using blue watercolour paintbrushes and overlaying them then creating a layer mask in illustrator.
i then layered up blue spots and scanned in beads to create a 3d bodice effect. i then individually scanned beads in and created an overlay to make it look more realistic

Scanning in materials and my premade pieces. i scanned in a variety of fabrics and materials/pieces to use in my illustration. i folded and pinned the fabric to make a "skirt", i used water absorbent paper found in bunches of flowers to create a "glove" and added a trim of lace. scanned in beads to use on the bodice and scanned in string for the puppet ropes. i also scanned in the top of a split pin to create the look of a nail for the movement for the puppet


1) I started by creating an outline of the body i wanted. i decided that since the theme was for "fun" i wanted to create a puppet/toy theme. i love kat mcleods use of collage and have decided this is the direction id like to continue in for my digital illustrations. i want it to look "crafty and home made", more creative in a sense, and i want to create a sense of texture. i am rendering my digital brushes and ink spills i create in photoshop then import them into illustrator. the outlines are then made using artistic brushes in illustrator to create a "quick drawn effect".

assessment two- notes photoshop

*150 DPI- is best as resolution will be good.
anything less will be pixalated.
it is ok to go larger however the file size will be very large.

*when changing size in photoshop click on "image size"
check the resolution section. CHECK OFF "RESAMPLE IMAGE" (make sure there is no tick)
- Type 150 in the resolution bar

Make sure your image is in CMYK and not RGB colour settings.


i used an assortment of brushes, layers, and scanned images to make the foot. i wanted it to be a collage effect. i folded the textured paper to create a fan like effect. i layered sequins and ink brushes to fill the shoe. i also created a drip effect to make the illustration look more realistic

final face

after i continued to layer up the pink splatter brushes i decided to begin the face. at first i tried using pentool and simple brushes to draw the facial shapes however it didn't look right. the lines looked to artificial. i looked closely at kat's work and i realised her facial features where very simple and fine so i decided to draw the eyes in pencil and lips and scan them to the computer. i then played around with the lips, as adding a red lipstick was a predominant feature in kat's work, and also david downton's. i played around with leaving the lip lines, but decided to just use the red brush lines as it looked less "harsh"

Bodice and Hair

i also added extra spills and splatters around the bodice, to make it look more realistic and creative. for the hair i wanted to incorporate a bold bright colour so i decided i wanted to use shades of pink. originally i wanted to have long flowy hair, however i found that a simple hair line with an illustrator ink brush and layers of pink splatter ink and pink circles looked very effective and represented kat's work.

black bodice ink

i decided i didnt like the solo sequins and wanted to do something more like kat mcleod's work. i used a photoshop ink brush and created them into separate files and layered them ontop of eachother to create an artwork. i then formed a sqaure of layered ink dots and made a clipping mask in illustrator to the bodice. i then used single dots and new ink spills over the top of the bodice to make it look for spontaneous and changed their opacities and sizes

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