i then created a bow on photoshop using scanned in fabric and then used the illustrator brush to create hand rendered sketchy effect. This is the final illustration, now to work on the poster!!

i added pleated newspaper which i scanned in as glove ruffles, and finished rendering the body. for the hair i cut and pasted rope into the shape i wanted and scanned it into the computer and placed it over her head shape. i also went over all of the body lines is the thin chalk brush to create the hand rendered effect,

i then created a mixed colour watercolour and ink brush printed area and imported it into illustrator to create a clipping mask for the gloves. i also rendered the face using watercolour brushes, then also used a think chalk brush in illustrator to draw the facial features. i also used watercolour brushes for the lips and cheeks

to create the skirt i cut up and scanned in a cupcake patty pan and used a small lace trim at the waistband. i also layered between pleated baking paper to create a more layered effect and the illusion of sheer fabric. i lengethed each of the layers by cloning the pattern in photoshop and stretch them out.

to create the bodice i scanned in a section of pink beads. i then cloned and manipulated them in photoshop to create a square sheet of beads and imported them into illustrator. i then made a clipping mask. in order to make the bodice look more realistic i scanned in the single bead and edited it and gave it a drop shadow. i then imported it into illustrator and layered it over the lines and clipping mask to create a 3d effect


i started off with creating basic shapes for the torso and upper body. the rest was going to be covered by the skirt i will make so it didnt matter. i then imported brushed from photoshop to again create a hand rendered effect on the illustration

final poster FOR THE BETTER

FINAL POSTER!! i really like how this turned out, much better then the first one. i think the travel theme and the models aspiration to travel ties in well with her look, the case she is sitting on and the postcard in the background. i love the colour scheme, i kept it neutral just as outlined in alanna's descriptions

the next step was to create the poster. to fit in with the theme of "travel wishes"i decided to use a postcard in the background. i thought this would be a great background to place my information on.

i started with the title again using a hand written font, then proceeded to use a simple readable font for the main points. i thought it was a good idea to put the address(location of the event) on the right hand side of the card as this is where you always write the address when sending a postcard. i then layered other pieces of torn paper in the background and spilt ink again to create a crafty feel.

i then rendered the face with watercolour brushes imported from photoshop, i used soft pink brushes to create the blush and lip stick. i used a thin chalk illustrator brush to create the facial lines and and emphasise the eyelashes.

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