assessment notes


-use the elements of design throughout the layout
-balance = the eye is drawn just above the centre of the presentation board
-asymetrical designs are younger and create a modern feel whereas symetrical boards are classic and older
- positive and negative space= the positive space is the dds and headings etc, negative is the spare space around it
-grounding= use a line or boarder to tie everything into eachother, balances the board

-Use a dark colour behind bright colour in order for the colour to stand out and increase the visibility
-usually use a mid grey as a black background is too harsh
-don't layer colours that are of the same value or similar hue, eg: greens and blues together do not work well
-blue is not a good colour to use on the board
-must have good boundaries on the boards
-red is the first colour the human eye sees
-do not use red near the descriptions as the designs should attract the attention of the viewer
-think about the feeling you want to convey= warm, cozy, soft or harsh cold and modern
-cool colours are "lazy" they don't attract much attention
-warmer tones stand out well against grey
-never use blue as text
-leave small text details in black

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