This is the process:
i started with the illustration and shifted her to the left of the poster. i then scanned in newspaper collage and made a clipping mask of the shape that was left of the illustration (on the right hand side of the poster)
i wanted to create a ripped collage like effect as this emulates my drawings but is also "fun" and creates a crafty and homemade feel. i then added the title in a hand written font and placed it in top of ripped paper and newspaper. the main text was written in a clear font so all the details were easy to read and the were placed on ripped pieces of paper.i also used a water colour brush to make it look like ink had spilt but also to re-bring in the blue colour found in the illustrations clothing. i also added the strings on the top layer. i added sticky tape on the largest piece of paper to again create the crafty look.

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